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Veterinary Medicine SymbolWhen your client says…”I can’t afford that,” we are here to help.

Helping Hands is a resource for veterinarians who are faced with having to perform economic euthanasia. We are not a free clinic, but can offer low cost vet care services to help because we all know none of us like being put in the position of having to perform euthanasia because an owner has financial constraints.

We are able to offer more affordable pet care by limiting our services to outpatient surgery and dog or cat dental care only. We are not a full service hospital. We are here to help your clients through crisis with enough money left over for you to be able to provide post – op care. We do not hospitalize pets. For pets that require hospitalization or post – op care, we recommend transfer back to you or any 24 hour emergency facility.

Please visit our procedures list for prices and surgeries we perform on a daily basis.

We simply need a copy of your medical notes pertaining to the diagnosis. They can be E mailed ( or faxed (804) 355-3009. Once we have the notes, we can get your client on our schedule. A copy of any requested biopsy or stone analysis results will be faxed to you for follow up care.

We do not provide any diagnostics, wellness care, sick animal care or pinning and plating of bones. We have helped pets from Montreal to Miami!

Reviews from people we have helped can be found on Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We welcome calls from veterinarians with any questions. We look forward to helping your financially needy clients so you do not lose them to euthanasia or other full service hospitals in your area.

We may not be the perfect fit for every client or pet but we have been a perfect fit for thousands.

The Helping Hands Veterinarians

*Please note when referring clients: We do not have a referral form. For surgeries, we simply require your medical notes stating what surgery the animal needs and why. These records can be faxed or emailed to us. Our fax number is 804-355-3009. Our email address is
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