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  • Missing Chilly – Chilly’s Final Tour Comes to an End January 03, 2019

    Hello everyone. This is Jake… aka the guy who walks Chilly. This past week we lost Chilly to the cancer that had been invading his body since April…. he lasted way longer than we thought, but way shorter than we hoped. Looking back on the life we had with Chilly, who spent over 8 years… Continue Reading »

  • Chilly From Helping Hands Vet
    Chilly Update!♥♥ July 23, 2018

    Chilly Continues to Spread Joy! *Update on Chilly’s Final Tour: Most of you have read about Chilly’s cancer diagnosis. All during the month of June, we watched the tumor growing very quickly. Although he remained very much himself, we braced ourselves and prepared to say goodbye. Much to our surprise and delight, something remarkable started happening!… Continue Reading »

  • Chilly’s Final Tour – A Celebrity Therapy Dog’s Last Days #chillythepoodle May 14, 2018

    What?  Sadly, we have discovered a tumor in Chilly’s mouth, under his tongue.  Ironically, even though his mommy is a veterinarian, the location of the tumor is not amenable to surgery.  The tumor is an aggressive cancer for which radiation and/or chemotherapy offers little hope.  All we can do is keep him comfortable and enjoy… Continue Reading »