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Watch our segment on ABC’s Good Morning America!

Watch our segment on ABC’s Good Morning America!

After working in a full-service hospital for more than a decade, we’ve become painfully aware of the need for a lower-cost alternative for advanced surgery and dental care. Many pets are going without care simply due to prohibitive high costs.

Our mission is to see that no animal goes without the surgery or dental care they need due to prohibitive high cost. Why do we do it? Because we believe in what we do, we love the animals and simply put… we don’t want to see an animal put to sleep or go without because of limited finances.



  • We are not a full service veterinary hospital. We are here to get your pet through the procedure they need affordably, then back into the hands of your full service veterinarian. We provide outpatient advanced surgery and dental care only. We do not offer routine spays and neuters.
  • All procedures are performed outpatient. That means all patients go home the same day. Although we strive to make your pet’s procedure as safe as possible, living things can have unexpected reactions that may require further care. If your pet needs any after care or emergency care, you can return to either your regular veterinarian or any veterinary emergency center at your own expense.
  • We do not provide vaccines, healthy or sick pet check ups, x- rays, consultations or office visits. If your pet is sick, you must first see your full service veterinarian to determine if surgery is an option. If surgery is needed, please have your veterinarian’s notes sent to us for review so that we can get you on our schedule. They can be e mailed to or faxed (804)355-3009.
  • Sorry, we are unable to provide surgery for cataracts, backs or broken bones.
  • Most growths you can see on your pet and dental care can be scheduled without notes from your vet. If there is something on your pet that doesn’t belong there or their teeth are brown and smelly, simply give us a call to get on our schedule.
  • When we perform dental care on your pet, we will clean the healthy teeth and extract any and all the teeth deemed loose, diseased, or damaged at our doctor’s discretion. We do not call prior to extractions since you know we will always do what is in the best interest of your pet when you trust them to our care. We do not provide dental x-rays. If your veterinarian believes x-rays can be helpful, we are happy to review them prior to your pet’s dental appointment if you provide them to us.
  • While we are not the perfect fit for everyone based on how our hospital runs, it is evident by the number of pets whose lives we improve on a daily basis, that we are the perfect fit for many.

Please call us before putting your pet to sleep. We may be able to help!

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