What Is Pyometra?

Have you ever heard the word pyometra?

I didn’t before I worked with animals. I thought the only reason to spay a dog or cat was to prevent them from getting pregnant.

A pyometra is an infected uterus and it is a life-threatening condition. When we get a phone call from a client who has a pet with a pyometra we move quickly to get the necessary paper work from the diagnosing veterinarian and urge the client to come directly, so we may be able to perform the life-saving surgery which entails removing the infected uterus.

A pyometra can be what is called ‘open’ or ‘closed’.

An open pyometra means that the cervix is open, allowing fluid and debris from the uterus to drain out.

It is important to note that BOTH open and closed pyometras are life-threatening and require immediate action. A closed pyometra is even more time sensitive as the uterus is at risk of bursting. Below is an x-ray of a closed pyometra. You can see the uterus is enlarged and distended.

closed pyometra means that the cervix is closed, trapping all of the fluid in the uterus.

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Since we 1st opened in 2010, until the writing of this post (November 2019), we have been able to perform over 500 of these life-saving surgeries! We performed 10 pyometra surgeries in February of 2017 alone, which was a record for us! We have some even better news for you. This condition is 100% preventable. Spaying your female pet guarantees she will never develops this life-threatening condition! How Much Does Pyometra Surgery Cost? Because Helping Hands offers low cost pet surgery, we can offer pyometra surgery for just $545-including bloodwork (as of February 2020) and also includes all post-operative medications. If you have a pet that has been diagnosed by your local vet with pyometra, then contact us today to help save your pet from this life threatening condition.