Where to go when you have to work while your pet is undergoing surgery/dentistry at Helping Hands

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f you are having a pet procedure done at Helping Hands Vet – we have some great options for you to not lose work time while you are waiting for your pet to be cared for.

Drop Off Time

Your pet is dropped off at our office between 7:30-9:00a

Pick Up Time

Pick up of your pet starts at 4:00pm.

Yep – normal working hours for pick up and drop off are our norm – and we understand that as busy working pet parents you need a place to chill to keep up with the work load.

Below are some great ways to keep busy while you are waiting for our team to care for your pet!

Helping Hands Client Lounge

One of the easiest ways to work in Richmond for the day is to use our new client lounge!  We have free wifi available for all of our clients.  There are multiple tables and wall mounted desks for you to spread out with your laptop. Coffee is available throughout the day, in addition to the sodas, water and snacks, all of which are complementary.  If you are lucky, you will also have Chilly (our tie dyed poodle) in the lounge to provide moral support!

Richmond Area Public Libraries

Libbie Mill Library

We are so fortunate to have the newest library in the region just a few miles away, Henrico County’s Libbie Mill Library.  This library has a collection of all new books and is located on a beautiful property overlooking a lake.

Libbie Mill Library has comfortable seating throughout with free wifi for the public.  The library opens at 9am Monday through Friday.

If you get hungry or thirsty, the library even has vending machines.  For a more substantial meal, you can walk over to Southern Season, a gourmet superstore.

Wawa is around the corner and offers delicious custom made sandwiches for those on a budget.

Belmont Library

Another nearby library is the City of Richmond – Belmont Library.  One of the best reasons to go to this library is its approximation to Carytown, which is only one block away.

This library is much smaller than Libbie Mill, but they do have a wonderful helpful staff and free wifi.

                                          City of Richmond’s Belmont Library

I would recommend using Belmont Library later in the day so you can take advantage of one of our favorite shops in Richmond, Belmont Butchery, which is just across the street.

                                                 Belmont Butchery in Richmond VA

Belmont butchery sells the real deal dog treats.  Also they have one of the best selections of meat in town, cut to order in most cases. And if you are interested in charcuterie, you have also come to the right place.

                        Belmont Butchery Selection of Fresh Poultry, Steaks & Lamb.

Coffee Houses

While there are so many coffee houses in the local area, I will concentrate in this blog on two that are nearby:  Urban Farmhouse and Cartwheels and Coffee.

There are two reasons why we have recommended the Urban Farmhouse.  First of all, it is enormous with many tables, chairs and space to spread out.  It is usually not extremely crowded, and the coffee is quite good.


                   A peak inside at the Urban Farmhouse – Scott’s Addition

Urban Farmhouse offers a variety of food in addition to coffee.

                                                Urban Farmhouse Menu

If you are bringing young children/infants with you for your day at Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care, we have a great place for you to visit between 9am and 1pm: Cartwheels and Coffee.

They have great play areas for your children, from infants to toddlers with tables and a good selection of coffee and snacks


These recommendations are by no means comprehensive, but are some of our favorites! We will add more resources for you to enjoy your day trip to Richmond!