A Tribute To Chilly At Fetch A Cure♥

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Were You Lucky Enough To Meet Chilly?

Any one who was lucky enough to meet our Chilly knows…he truly did Shed Happiness♥ Our great friends at Fetch A Cure have honored Chilly with a paver stone. The stone is located outside of their headquarters here in Richmond at 5711 Staples Mill Road, Suite 101, VA 23228. He joins the ranks of other beloved pets lost to cancer♥. The pavers lead you to their healing garden♥.

What Is Fetch  A Cure?

Fetch A Cure is a non-profit organization started in 2006. Their mission is “to raise awareness, to educate and provide pet owners greater access to information about pet cancer, senior care and treatment options.

Anyone who lives in, or has visited the Richmond area will recognize the Fetch A Cure steel dogs ,  (and now cats) around town. We have two in the entry way to Helping Hands! The purpose of the steel sculptures is to raise awareness about pet cancer and encourage pet owners to look for early warning signs in their pets.

*photo credit Fetch A Cure website

Fetch A Cure’s Many Programs

The work of Fetch A Cure is far reaching and has helped so many families and their pets♥ In addition to raising awareness and funds for pet cancer research, they have a resource library for families whose pet is battling cancer. They have a program called Companions in Crisis, a fund that “provides financial assistance to help families pay for life-saving treatments for their pets who have been diagnosed with cancer. This program strives to provide pet owners with a sense of hope when facing a cancer diagnosis.”  They “hope to give you the gift of quality time with your beloved pet.”

Anyone who has had a pet battling cancer is familiar with the phrase more good time. We were so blessed to have 6 more months of good time with Chilly before the cancer won. We are incredibly grateful for that gift♥ We encourage you to go to their website, see all of their programs, and read about the important work they are doing. We are very proud that our own Dr. Dyer is a long time board member at Fetch♥

*if you are looking to make a meaningful donation to honor a lost pet, we ask you to consider Fetch A Cure

*all quoted material is from the Fetch A Cure website

*all proceeds from the brick pavers help fund Fetch A Cure’s important work♥