Pet Disaster Preparedness Checklist!

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It Is Very Important To Include Your Pet In Your Disaster Preparedness Plan!

Please review the following list of many of the important things to include in your pets’ emergency plan. Make sure you and your pets are ready, should disaster strike!


*Water-proof container/bag to store important documents

*Microchip information (make sure your most current contact info. is linked to the microchip)

*Current Rabies/vaccine information

*Complete Veterinary records (including current medications/names and dosages)

*Copy of ownership/adoption

*Good identifying picture of your pet/and picture of you with your pet

*Contact information for you and a designated family member or friend (should you and your pet get separated)

Food, Drink, Medications

*Ideally, have 2 weeks worth of food for each pet in water proof containers (it is important to swap this out for fresh food once a month)/be sure to include written feeding instructions

*Collapsible food and water dishes

*Non-electric can-openers if necessary

*Bottled water (also swapped out once a month for freshness)

*2 weeks worth of medications/written instructions/any necessary administering tools (pill-pockets, measuring spoons, etc.)…as with the food and water, swap out monthly to ensure freshness

Other Important Pet Travel Supplies

*ID tags attached to their harnesses or collars

*Leashes for each pet (even the small ones who may not normally use them)

*Poop bags!

*Travel sized litter boxes/litter scoops, with extra litter for the kitties

*Bedding and adequate sized carriers for each pet

*Pet First Aid Kit

*Toys to keep them occupied

*Wipes, paper towels, trash bags, deodorizer for accidents/travel sickness

What Is Included In Your Pet’s Disaster Preparedness List?

The above list contains many of the important things that need to be included in your pet’s plan…now we want to hear from you! What do you include in your pet’s plan? What are your best tips for pet disaster safety and preparedness?