Halloween Pet Safety Alert!

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Have You Heard of Xylitol?

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is safe for us, but DEADLY to pets. It is much more toxic to dogs than chocolate. Unfortunately, it is increasingly found in many everyday products, sometimes labeled ‘sugar-free’ or ‘sweetened naturally’. Xylitol can drop your pet’s blood sugar VERY quickly and can lead to catastrophic liver damage! How can we keep our pets safe from this danger? The best way to be sure a product does not contain xylitol, is to carefully read the list of ingredients.

Some of the products it can be found in include:


*Chewing Gum

*Ice Cream



*PEANUT BUTTER! (and other Nut Butters)




*Hand Creams

What Are the Signs of Xylitol Poisoning?

Some signs of xylitol poisoning can include:







*Stomach Distension


If you believe your pet may have ingested a product containing xylitol, it is always best to err on the side of caution and have him or her seen by a veterinarian!

Let’s All Stay Safe and Have Fun this Halloween!

Here at Helping Hands we truly believe pets are family! We want everyone in the family to have a super fun, super safe holiday. Please share this with other pet families!

We want to hear from you…what are your best pet Halloween Safety Tips? How do you help your anxious pets stay calm around people and pets in costumes or when trick or treaters ring the door bell?