Top 5 Reasons I Drive a Dog Car

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Casey Bones – My Dog Car

Meet Casey Bones – my dog car and the official dog car of Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care!  It is named after the Grateful Dead song, Casey Jones.  I even have “Jerry” to ride around with me, a Jerry Garcia doll with a guitar.

1.) It is fun to drive a dog car!

As I drive around in the dog car, I get the most incredible ear-to-ear smiles.  As I’m barking down the road, other drivers honk, wave to me, and slow down to take photos of Casey Bones.  I think I have even caused a (minor) accident as someone was paying attention to me and not the road.

2.) Sometimes I feel anti-social.

Many of my friends have expressed an anti-social sentiment by getting piercings, tattoos, or adopting funky hair colors/styles.  Instead of tats, I drive a dog car!  The best anti-social moment I had when I was driving the dog car was a slow cruise through the Country Club of Virginia (barking of course).  Some friends of ours were getting ready to move to Kentucky, so they were fearless of the ramifications!

3.)  The dog car annoys my kids.

What parent doesn’t get some enjoyment out of annoying and embarrassing their kids?  My kids loved the car when they were 6 and under.  Now that they are 13 and 11, they dread any trip in the dog car.  We have told our children that Casey Bones will be their car when they each turn 16, unless they save money to buy another car.  They are now excellent savers!  Just this past week, our other cars were in the shop and I got to drop off my kids at school each day…. Priceless!  Please let me know if you’d like to borrow the car to drop of your kids….

4.)  The dog car still runs!

Casey Bones is a 1989 Chevy Celebrity, one of the last years of this model.  It has antique plates since it is over 25 years old and is considered an antique.  My grandmother, Ruth, picked out this car and it was hers until she stopped driving.  The best part – there are only 86,000 miles on odometer.  Worst parts – no A/C, leaks on the inside when it rains, & fuel gauge not working.  We think of Casey Bones as our loyal and faithful friend.

5.) The dog car delivers a great message – the mission of Helping Hands.

At Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care, our mission is to see that no pet suffers or is euthanized due to economic reasons.  We accomplish this by offering pet surgeries for less than $1,000 and dentals for a fixed price of $260.

Over the years, at least 100 lives have been saved due to pet owners seeing the dog car and learning about our mission.  The dog car has been everywhere from North Carolina to Maryland.  Would you like to have Casey Bones come to your neighborhood??  Please comment below to let us know where you’d like to see us!