What about an emergency? We do not keep emergency hours but if you have a pre diagnosed pet who requires an emergency procedure after hours or on a Saturday or Sunday, we do have an emergency number you can call – (804) 420-2770. We cannot always pull together a team but if we can, we will!

A flat rate of $2195.00 including bloodwork for any procedure (other than a C-section) will be charged at time of drop off for any after hours surgery.

If a C-section is needed, the rates including bloodwork is $2195.00 with spay or $3855.00 without spay assuming our veterinarian is able to save the uterus – in some instances, the uterus can be compromised and an emergency spay may be required.

This does not include biopsy. For updated biopsy pricing and to confirm all current pricing, please visit our pricing page.

If we come in for an after hours emergency, we only call in enough staff to get your pet through their surgery. While a lot of our clients take their pet’s home after surgery, we always recommend you transfer for overnight monitoring with your veterinarian or an emergency hospital at your expense. We are here to get your pet through the surgery and back into the hands of your full service veterinarian. We strongly recommend discussing follow up care with your primary veterinarian. In an ideal world surgery and aftercare would all be done at one facility with one head doctor following the case, however we completely understand this is not always possible. That is why we exist. The next best scenario would involve your veterinarian or an emergency veterinarian being up to date on your plans and ensuring they are willing to continue following their care after surgery. We are just a piece of the puzzle.