How often does your pet need a dental? Take a look and smell. A good indication that your pet is in need of a dental cleaning would be bad breath and or tartar on the teeth. Another sign may be a pet who is chewing on one side or crying in pain while eating. You may feel more comfortable bringing your pet to your full service veterinarian prior to making an appointment to make sure a dental is the answer but in many cases this is not necessary. We have tried to make our prices as low as possible and we find we see many pets semiannually or annually for a dental cleaning to help maintain a healthy mouth.

The process itself… Your pet will be examined by one of our veterinarians before being sedated and all teeth cleaned. The veterinarian will do a thorough oral exam, extracting loose or decayed teeth. The doctor will not call you prior to pulling teeth, they will extract any/all teeth deemed unhealthy based on a visual exam. Extractions are done at the veterinarian’s discretion. We do not pull healthy teeth. You will be sent home with a dental chart describing your pet’s mouth and any needed medications. If dental radiographs are recommended by your regular veterinarian, have them performed prior to coming to us. They can be e mailed or hand delivered for our review.