Our doctors and staff are great at what they do because they limit what they do and spend their entire day doing it well. They are efficient which means your pet is under sedation for a shorter amount of time. This is safer for your pet and allows us to help more pets in a day. This also means the doctors and staff spend their entire day helping the pets and not spending it with their owners or accompanying pets overnight. We leave the consultations and diagnostics to the referring full service veterinarian and the post-op care to either you, the owner, your regular veterinarian, or any of the great 24-hour veterinary hospitals. You should already know what your pet needs when you arrive and we will give you post-op care instructions when you leave, so the money you pay is for our doctors to care for your pet for the day. You are not being charged for an office visit or hospitalization allowing us to keep our costs as low as possible.