Hi! I’m Sulley!

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Hi Everyone! I’m Sulley!

Hello everyone! My name is Sulley, and I picked Helping Hands and the Pasternaks to be my new family! How did this happen you ask? Well let me tell you……..                                                                                                                                                                                                            Late in February, Dr. Lori and her husband Jake were at a Veterinary Conference in Roanoke, VA.  Many people were asking them where Chilly was, and were all so, so sad to learn of his passing.

One of these people was Carolyn from the Highland Humane Society and Valley Rescue Allies. A few hours after learning this, she returned to the Helping Hands table with unbelievable news!

The Stars Aligned!

Carolyn, who has worked in rescue for many years, had just then gotten a phone call about a 3 year old Standard Poodle who needed a new home (that was me!!). She immediately thought of Dr. Lori and her family. She went back to the Helping Hands table to tell them my story!

Dr. Lori and her family were still so very sad about Chilly, they were not sure they were ready for me. Her husband Jake (my new Dad!), however, had a strong feeling that this was meant to be. Yeah for me!!

My Story!

My first Mom was the best♥! I was so very loved and cared for. She named me after Sulley, the famous pilot. However, she is a  Senior and I am big and strong, very rambunctious, and quite a handful! She looved me soo much that she looked for a new family who could give me the exercise and adventures I needed.

It broke her heart to let me go and she thinks of me every day♥ We keep in touch through e-mail and she is so happy to keep up with my new adventures!♥

It Happened Fast!

The very next week, Jake drove to Harrisonburg to pick me up . We drove to Richmond to see if this was going to be a good fit for all of us! I got to work right away and completely bonded with my new Dad on our road trip!

By the time we reached Richmond I was already his shadow! Once there, I used my considerable charm to win over my new Mom, Dr. P., my new sister Lexi and my new brother Zev. I accepted, and even enjoyed being bossed around by my new 4 pound Chihuahua sister, Bella♥

Now I’m Officially a Pasternak!

Within a very short period of time, it became very apparent that I chose them, and they chose me right back♥ I have forged a particularly special bond with my brother Zev who doesn’t even mind when I jump on him when he is trying to play his video games! I love taking long walks with my new Mom and car trips with my family (especially taking them to school in the mornings).

My favorite thing of all is playing ball in the yard! I can go for hours before getting tired ? I am helping my new family stay trim as it is a lot of work keeping up with me! Watch me in action below!!

I Look Forward To Meeting You All! I look forward to meeting you all! I love to make new friends!…… Many people are asking if I will get colors like Chilly♥♥. The answer is no, there will only ever be one Chilly. I am my own guy and if you all like me even half as much as you loved Chilly, I will be the luckiest dog in the world♥ I do plan to follow in Chilly’s footsteps in one way. Soon I will begin classes to learn to be a therapy dog, so I can continue the tradition of spreading love, peace, and kindness….♥ Hope to see you soon!