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Your Pet Has Bladder Stones?

My Pet Has Bladder Stones…Now What? Your pet has been diagnosed with bladder stones and needs surgery? We have performed many Cystotomies (surgery to remove pet bladder stones) here  at Helping Hands over the past seven years. One common cause of pet bladder stones is chronic, low grade urinary tract infections (UTIs). Another common cause… Read more »

National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Adopt A Shelter Cat! photo used courtesy of the Richmond SPCA Giuseppe Giuseppe is waiting for YOU at the Richmond SPCA! Did you know it is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? Animal Rescue organizations are typically overflowing with cats this time of year (known as ‘Kitten Season“). I went over to visit our great… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons I Drive a Dog Car

Casey Bones – My Dog Car Meet Casey Bones – my dog car and the official dog car of Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care!  It is named after the Grateful Dead song, Casey Jones.  I even have “Jerry” to ride around with me, a Jerry Garcia doll with a guitar. 1.) It… Read more »