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Your Pet Has Bladder Stones?

My Pet Has Bladder Stones…Now What? Your pet has been diagnosed with bladder stones and needs surgery? We have performed many Cystotomies (surgery to remove pet bladder stones) here  at Helping Hands over the past seven years. One common cause of pet bladder stones is chronic, low grade urinary tract infections (UTIs). Another common cause… Read more »


Have you ever heard the word ‘pyometra’? I didn’t before I worked with animals. I thought the only reason to spay a dog or cat was to prevent them from getting pregnant. A pyometra is an infected uterus and it is a life-threatening condition. When we (here at Helping Hands) get a phone call from… Read more »

Puppy Saved!!

Meet Puppy Zeus 🙂 This handsome fella is Zeus. His Mom Daisy (a chihuahua) came to Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care in December of 2016 in need of an emergency C-section. Mom Daisy had three boys and one girl. The little boy above was born with a cleft palate.This can be a… Read more »

Dog ACL Repair – Pickles’ Story

Meet Pickles Pickles was rescued as a puppy in 2003 from the Humane Society in Topeka, Kansas. He is a happy-go-lucky guy and always looks for interactions with other animals or people. Through our many adventures, Pickles has enjoyed an active lifestyle. He has always enjoyed running, playing, and hiking with his family.  Little did… Read more »