National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Richmond SPCA Giuseppe Adopt a Shelter Cat!

Adopt A Shelter Cat! photo used courtesy of the Richmond SPCA


Giuseppe is waiting for YOU at the Richmond SPCA! Did you know it is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? Animal Rescue organizations are typically overflowing with cats this time of year (known as ‘Kitten Season“). I went over to visit our great neighbor, the Richmond SPCA, and asked them which kitty residents had been there the longest. The staff directed me to one big, handsome cat named Giuseppe. He is a domestic long-hair, black with yellow eyes, and has been in their care for three years now. He is four years old. The Richmond SPCA staff member I spoke with described him as ‘chill’ and relaxed. She said he may enjoy being the only cat, but felt he would also be fine in a home with other cats. The sign on his door mentioned that the staff has leash-trained him:) The day I saw him he was hanging out in a cat tree in someone’s office. He is clearly a staff favorite ♥

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month photo taken by Carla Nelms, used courtesy of the Richmond SPCA

Adopt a Shelter Cat! photo taken by Carla Nelms, used courtesy of the Richmond SPCA

Feline Diabetes

Giuseppe has diabetes and requires insulin twice a day. This does make him a bigger commitment both financially and in terms of consistent care. If you are his special person, he is worth it! The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has a very thorough and informative explanation of Feline Diabetes here. Caring for a diabetic cat does require dedication on the owners part. However, when insulin levels are maintained, diabetic kitties and their owners can have many happy, healthy years together. As you can see, Giuseppe has a beautiful shiny coat, and those eyes…oh those eyes ♥

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month Special!

During the month of June, in recognition of Adopt a Cat Month, the Richmond SPCA is having a special…all cats six months or older are discounted by 50%! I have highlighted handsome Mr. Giuseppe but there are also many other wonderful cats in their care waiting for their furrever homes.

You Can Help!

If you are not able to adopt Giuseppe or any of his feline friends, you can still help! How, you say? Well you can share this post so more people can read about Giuseppe and National Adopt a Cat Month. You can also support the Richmond SPCA and the other wonderful animal organizations out there who care for these special animals until they find their way to their special person 🙂 Thank you so much!


2 comments on “National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

  1. Daniel and Ursula Rung on

    Ursula and I want thank Dr. Pasternak and her staff so much for helping our Shih Tzu “Brutus” in his surgery! Brutus is on his way to a speedy recovery and he’s feeling much better already. Helping Hands is an incredible veterinarian out-patient clinic that helps give pet owners’ another option. We were looking at a $2500 surgery cost until we contacted Helping Hands! Their cost was tremendously lower and saved us from considering an option for our 15 year old pet that I didn’t even want to think about. You guys at Helping Hands are truly special, we can’t thank you enough! Also, a shoutout to Emily for going the extra step!

    • Veronica on

      Thank you so, so much Daniel and Ursula! We are very pleased to hear Brutus is doing so well and are so glad we were able to help him! I have shared your kind words with our team and it really made Emily’s day 🙂 Please give Brutus a big kiss from all of us !


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