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Featured Grateful Pet—Roxy Mae 4 Years After her ACL Repair!!

Above is a picture of Miss Roxy Mae. Mom sent us this picture of her this past March to show us how well she is doing after her ACL surgery here at Helping Hands in July of 2013! We so love to get updates on our patients. Mom included the following e-mail, along with the picture:

Roxy and I would like to thank Helping Hands! She had ACL surgery on her right knee 4 years ago.  […]

Roxy and I will never forget!
Bless you all at Helping Hands for giving Roxy her life back.

Penny Brown 🐾🐾”

Mom and Roxy drove down to Helping Hands from Maryland to have her ACL surgery. Following our strict recovery protocol after ACL surgery here at Helping Hands is critical to its success. Mom had to crate Roxy Mae for the first two weeks after surgery. Roxy was only allowed out of the crate during that time for brief potty breaks while on a short leash. At the two week point, Roxy had her sutures removed and was given instructions going forward in her recovery (which is typically 8-12 weeks). We tell parents that the recovery is often harder on them than on their pet, but all that hard work is worth it. Way to go Penny! Thank you for being such an awesome Mom to your Roxy Mae 🙂

Below is a very educational video we put together to help parents understand the process and be informed, so they can make the best choice for their pet.

You can read more about ACL tears and how you can schedule the surgery if needed here. We sure hope your pet never tears his or her ACL/CCL, but if they do, we are here to help.


10 comments on “Dog ACL at Helping Hands! – $995

  1. Ergin hazirci on

    My dog princess need leg operation cost was$5000.00. Didn’t have the insurance. And l couldn’t get loan. It was bad lots of pain. I didn’t know what to do l was praying toGod for help. One day l was browsing my phone / searching about this matter oh my God l find Helping Hands Web site. I called explained what was happening . They give me price $1000.00 it was a happiest day and n my life. I made appointment took princess there . After operation month later she started walking around then playing then swimming then running again. I can’t thank you enough Helping Hands staff/ May God Bless you all. Sincerely: Ergin & princess hazirci

  2. Joanne Biddulph on

    Our vet recommended that our dog Toby have a dental and out neighbor that is involved in pet rescue recommended Helping Hands. The poor little guy had such bad breath. He is not the most friendly dog and is scared very easily. He had the dental and did very well. All the people that I interacted with at Helping Hands were so helpful, kind and informative. Toby didn’t freak out either! Thank you so much Helping Hands for taking such good care of our Toby and keeping it affordable. You are all wonderful people.

  3. Stan Kowalski on

    My dog Pepper had a tumor on his gumline, they did a wonderful job. I drove from Newark , Delaware . They are the best. Thank you sooooooo much

  4. Laurie Shields on

    So sorry for Chilly’s cancer diagnosis. He was comfort to us in Dec. 2015 when our Standard Black Poodles had a Spleenectomy by you. Noodles is now 9 years old, doing well. Such a wonderful place you have, with loving, caring employees. Hugs to Chilly, and a comfortable passage over the Rainbow Bridge when he lets you know it’s time.

    • Veronica on

      Thank you so much!♥ Chilly’s Mom was the Doctor who did the surgery on your Noodles♥ We are so glad to know he is doing well!♥ Please give him a big hug from all of us♥

  5. Suzie Wallach on

    Layla had much needed dental work and thank goodness we found out about you. The first thing we saw was Chilly !! He was so chill, just a beautiful soul and a warming and amazing ambassador of love. After the procedure, we learned that he was famous. .. we can’t get there to get a hug right now so please give him one from us.

    Ahh Chilly. God bless you and your sweet heart big guy. We love you xoxo ❤️

    Thank you Dr. Lori and family and all you do for us.
    May you be ever comforted knowing that your kindness is appreciated and widespread

    Hugs and prayers

    Lots of love
    Suzie and Layla

    • Veronica on

      Thank you so much♥ We are so glad you and Layla met Chilly 🙂 We are amazed by just how many lives he has touched and just how many people he has comforted!♥ We are taking it day by day, appreciating every moment♥


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