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Spending the Day in RVA while Fido gets Pet Surgery or Pet Dental Care at Helping Hands?

day in RVA pet surgery and pet dental care at Helping Hands


1. Visit our neighbor, James River Distillery, to take a tour and taste their gins, rum and vodka.

2. The Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VMFA) has the largest collection of Faberge Eggs outside of Russia. (opening October 22nd)

patio-best-cafe VMFA pet surgery at helping hands

VMFA Patio and Sculpture Garden

3. Take a bike tour with Richmond Rides, touring Richmond’s culinary hotspot – Church Hill.

4. Hike the downtown 1.8 mile Belle Isle loop to enjoy the Falls of the James River.

5. The best shopping experience in Richmond is at Carytown, including spice, cupcake, chocolate & toy shops as well as many restaurants.

6. Hollywood Cemetery is the final resting place for two U.S. Presidents (Monroe & Tyler) and for the former President of the Confederacy – Jefferson Davis.

7. Enjoy nature at Maymont Park or Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

8. Tour the Virginia State Capitol – completed in 1788 and is the oldest legislative body in the Western Hemisphere.

at Virginia State Capitol while at helping hands for pet surgery

The Virginia State Capitol

9. Take in a matinee ($7.50) at the nearby (about 1 mile) Bow Tie Cinemas.

10. Children will love the Children’s Museum of Richmond and the Science Museum of Virginia.

11. To learn more about the Holocaust, visit the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

12. If you enjoy hunting or fishing, there is a Cabelas in Short Pump and a Bass Pro Shop just north of Richmond.

13. For beer fans, Stone Brewing just opened their East Coast operation and tasting room just past Shockoe Bottom and Church Hill.

at the patio at stone brewing while at helping hands for pet surgery

Chilly enjoys the patio at Stone Brewing

14. Visit the Poe Museum to learn more about Edgar Allen Poe’s time in Richmond in the early 19th century.

15. Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” speech at the nearby St. John’s Church.

16. Take a Treetop Zoofari at the Richmond Metro Zoo and see Richmond’s own snow leopard cubs.

at the richmond metro zoo while at helping hands for pet surgery

Cubs at the Richmond Metro Zoo

17. The American Civil War Center at Tredegar interprets the war from the Union, Confederate and African American Perspectives.

18. Up for a long walk? Take the Richmond Liberty Trail, a 6.2 mile self-guided loop through downtown Richmond & 15 historic landmarks.

19. Consider adopting a pet from our neighbor, the Richmond SPCA. (opens at noon)

20. If you are interested in African American History, no trip to Richmond would be complete without a visit to the Black History Museum and the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site.

The Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

The Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

All of the above recommendations are covered in the Visitors Guide to Richmond. Please Google the items in bold for more information.

The Importance Of Dental Care For Pets

Dental - before

Before a dental at Helping Hands

After a Dental at Helping Hands

After a Dental at Helping Hands









We all understand the importance of dental care for ourselves, and it is no different for our four-legged friends. The only real difference is the size and shape of their teeth. Their teeth have the same anatomy as ours and tartar, plaque, and dental disease occurs in the same way. We brush our teeth (supposedly) 2-3 times a day and it is still recommended we get our teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months. Kudos to you if you brush your pet’s teeth even weekly, but regardless if you brushed them daily, it would not negate the need for professional cleanings.

Anytime you or your pet eats, food deposits on and between the teeth leading to plaque build up over time. Try not brushing your teeth for a few days and you will quickly feel and taste the effects. Now imagine how your pet feels when their teeth are not brushed often. We get calls regularly from people who cannot believe what a life changing event a teeth cleaning can provide for pets who have terrible dental disease. Gone are the gum and tooth aches caused by excessive plaque and tartar buildup. Pets do not stop eating when they have a tooth ache. They do not realize they can complain and do not know how to show you they are having trouble until they are simply in so much pain they can no longer eat at all. An infected mouth can lead to infections elsewhere in the body. Proper dental care can and will extend and improve your pet’s quality of life. In addition to the benefits of clean teeth, a dental exam can help identify growths that will need to be removed.


Oral Growth Found After Pet Dental  Exam

Oral Growth Found After Pet Dental Exam

We know that you’d rather be kissed by a clean and stink-free mouth, so be sure that your pet receives the preventative dental care it deserves. Do not wait until it is medically needed. We hope our low fees will allow you to help your pet get preventative dental care and enjoy a healthy clean mouth.