Dr. Lori Pasternak, Co-Founder

Coming from a family of doctors, I always felt I would find myself as a medical professional but it was my love of animals that drew me to the veterinary field. While still in school I always found myself being pulled towards the operating room as my primary interest and many of my electives were surgical.

I was inspired to go out on my own, not only because of my desire to limit my scope to surgical procedures, but also to provide quality yet affordable surgical procedures beyond what many of the low cost clinics offer which are often limited to simple spays and neuters.

I received my D.V.M. at Virginia Tech in 1998 after completing my undergrad work at The University of Florida, James Madison University and Old Dominion University. Before opening Helping Hands, I worked full time at Locke A. Taylor DVM and part time for Prevent A Litter and Cat Nip. The experiences I have gained have both sharpened my skills and led me to fulfill my need for more advanced surgeries. Dentistry also runs deep in my ‘genes’ as my father and brother are both human dentists. So in combination with surgery, I am excited to provide pets with affordable dental care.

Special thanks to my wonderful husband, Jake, and colleague and friend, Jackie. Without my own personal cheerleaders, Helping Hands might still be only a dream

Dr Lori Pasternak Co-Founder Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care 2

Dr Lori Pasternak Co-Founder Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care 1

Jacqueline Morasco, Practice Manager & Co-Founder


Like many people, I have always had a passion for animals and fortunately have always found a way to surround myself with them. With this passion comes a desire to help those in need, which brought me to Locke A. Taylor’s office many years ago. After much on the job training I found myself in the hands on position working alongside Dr. Lori Pasternak in surgery. When Dr. Lori decided to venture off on her own to pursue her dream of a surgical center for animals, it was only natural for me to follow.

Dr. Pasternak and I have always said we held hands, closed our eyes and jumped together when we started Helping Hands, and neither of us have ever looked back. The idea of offering affordable surgical and dental care for pets in need is very exciting.

Helping Hands now has several veterinarians, technicians and support staff who help make a difference to animals on a daily basis and I am very proud to work alongside such amazing talent and devotion.

A native of Montreal, Canada, I moved to the United States in 1991. Richmond has been home to my family since 1998. Along with Dr. Lori, I am excited to be able to provide the same love and attention to the animals we treat as we do for our own.

Dr. Brian Collins

Brian Collins graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. He began his career as a large animal veterinarian in northeast Iowa. During that time he started to work with more and more dogs and cats and eventually transitioned into the primary small animal veterinarian at his clinic. He developed a strong interest in surgery and dentistry and decided to pursue those interests, which ultimately brought him to Helping Hands. He and his wife Jodi, and daughter Emery moved to Richmond in November 2015. They live in the Lakeside area with their three dogs (Jinx, Karma, and Lilly) and cat (Kitty). Brian also serves as a veterinary field officer in the US Army Reserves with the 949th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services unit in Ames, Iowa. In his free time, Brian can be found spending time with his family, traveling the world, in the middle of home improvement projects, collecting comic books, or just relaxing while watching a good movie.

Dr. Kristen Talbott

Kristen graduated from Purdue University school of veterinary medicine in 2006.  Along with working at Helping Hands she practices equine emergency medicine locally. While in Virginia Dr. Talbott has practiced at a high volume spay/neuter clinic and general practice hospital for the Richmond (low income) community. She is an avid photographer and artist. Her current project is renovating their city home built in 1903!  Dr Talbott is active in international veterinary volunteer groups and has traveled many times to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Dr Kristen has a soft spot for giant breed dogs and is a long time Great Dane rescuer. A 6year old naughty dane named “puppy” currently has her heart.

Dr. Allyson Corr

Allyson Corr is a 2007 graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She moved to Richmond from New Orleans, where she attended undergraduate school and spent most of the last two decades, though she is a native of upstate New York. She worked for a non-profit animal clinic in New Orleans, where she had the chance to perform life-changing surgeries on animals in need and to work closely with local animal rescues to help provide cats and dogs with second chances and loving forever homes. Dr. Corr lives in downtown Richmond with her dog, Jumbie. Together, they spend many hours exploring the outdoor trails. She enjoys drinking coffee, walking, hiking, canoeing and walking on stilts while Jumbie jumps through hula hoops. Both Dr. Corr and Jumbie are proud to have joined the Helping Hands team to proved quality care to even more cats and dogs in need.

Dr. Allyson Corr